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Oxford Community Energy Co-op seeks to engage all those in Oxford County and surrounding area that are interested in participating in creating a more sustainable energy future.

100% renewable energy supply is a very achievable goal for the county. Bringing people, businesses, community groups, and the local government together and uniting them under this goal is the most promising way of doing this.
  • There is much potential in the county for wind, solar, and biogas projects.
  • Or think heat! Where there is process heat there is a always potential for combined heat power.
  • What about geothermal?
  • Biomass or Biogas provides also opportunities for district heating!
All these technologies are well established and affordable and the resources are right there at our doorstep.

Oxford Community Energy Co-op wants to be an enabling platform for the community’s sustainable energy ambitions. We encourage you to connect with us and to share your ideas and contributions on how we can achieve a sustainable energy supply for Ontario.
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This project was made possible in part through the financial support of the Community Energy Partnerships Program

brought to you by the Independent Electricity System Operator.

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