Notice of Proposed Change

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 11:07 AM | Christine Koenig

Hello Gunn's Hill Wind Farm Stakeholders,

A Notice of Proposed Change has been issued for the Gunn's Hill Wind Farm.

The purpose of this Notice is to inform the public and Project stakeholders of a technical change to the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm Renewable Energy Approval (REA) Reports.  This Notice is published in the Woodstock Sentinel-Review and the Turtle Island News, mailed to all landowners adjacent to and within 550 m of the Project location, mailed/emailed to all Project stakeholders and posted on Prowind’s website.

The Notice summarizes the option for an alternative access road construction method. The option to use cement stabilized roads has now been added to the Project scope. This option does not change any of the locations of the access roads and only allows for the construction method to change, if it is decided to be the best option at this site.  There are no new environmental impacts as a result of this change.

The original access road construction method was the traditional gravel road option, which involved a geotextile membrane covered with a base of “Grade B” gravel and finished with a layer of “Grade A” gravel. The cement stabilization option includes use of a highly compacted mixture of soil, cement, and water for access road construction, and finished with a thin layer of gravel.


A Modification Document outlining all the details of the new access road construction option is available on the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project webpage. This document outlines the construction details and notes the locations of any changes to the REA documents as a result of this change.  This Modification Document was sent to MTCS and MNRF for their review and to seek additional comments to their original approval letter. Neither agency had additional comments to add to their original approval letter. Their comments are included in the Modification Document.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Prowind Canada at or 905 528 1747.


the OCEC team

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