Canadian study confirms: No health effects by wind turbines

Friday, November 07, 2014 11:33 AM | Christine Koenig

What has been shown elsewhere many times has finally been reproduced at taxpayers costs of $ 2.1 million by a Health Canada study. The long awaited study was launched in 2012 and once more confirms that there are no effects on human health caused by wind turbines.

What the study also (again) shows is that there is an annoyance effect and that Ontarians seem to be about 3-times more annoyed by wind turbines than people living in other jurisdictions. Interestingly this annoyance effect is correlated with the activity level of anti-wind activists, meaning it is the activity of the anti-wind activists that makes us prone to be more annoyed by wind turbines.

Interesting, eh?

To get the full study follow the link here:

Health Canada Wind Study

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