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Members' visit to Senvion's blade manufacturing plant in Welland

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 6:28 PM | Christine Koenig

Thanks to Senvion Canada OCEC members enjoyed a highly interesting and educating tour of the blade manufacturing plant in Welland Ontario on Thursday July 10th. It is here where the blades for our wind farm's MM92 turbines will be produced. Currently  ~ 120 and later around 200 (when a second mould for a lager turbine model will be implemented) employed staff are working at the plant 24/6.

Senvion's CEO Helmut Herold and plant manager Dan Dragoman personally guided a very curious group of 20 OCEC members through the plant and were always ready and happy to answer the many question we had. We were impressed by the cleanliness and lack of odours in the facility and, of course, by the sheer size of these enormous ~ 45m long blades as they are being crafted layer by layer in the huge hall. Present ramp up production rates are 2 blades per week, the target for full capacity production is 4 blades per week. Much of the production process involves diligent manual work that is frequently quality controlled by the staff in the onsite quality control lab. The plant's yard is steadily filling up with new blades ready to be shipped. While concluding our tour outside the building in the sun and marvelling at the sight of the neatly stacked white blades the growing excitement amongst the OCEC members could be felt. Soon "our" blades would be produced here and shipped to Oxford County. The project has become very tangible now.

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