Coming soon! 

Earlier this year OCEC received confirmation that four of our FIT 4.0 Solar applications had been approved. These projects totalling 1.2 MW will feature three commercial rooftop installations and one ground mount installation located in Woodstock, ON. The FIT 4.0 projects are 20-year contracts with the IESO and construction is set to begin in mid-August. 

Information for investing in these projects will soon be available. In order to stay up to date, we suggest anyone who is interested in investing and is not a current member to submit their membership application. This is to ensure that you do not miss out on this excellent investment opportunity. 

OCEC will be hosting an information session regarding the upcoming solar investment, more information will be available soon.  

FIT 5.0 SOLAR PROJECTS 2018/2019 

OCEC has also submitted applications for the latest FIT 5.0. The applications are still undergoing reviews and if approved will be offered as an investment opportunity to all members. 


As we continue to grow as an cooperative, OCEC is always looking for potential projects that will lead to competitive and attractive investments for our members. 

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